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Journey Planner

  1. Welcome to the Australia's Coastal Wilderness Journey Planner.

    This tool will guide you to our attractions, trips, tales and tips and help you explore the region.

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  2. At any time, touch/click on the Australia's Coastal Wilderness icon to return to the main screen.
    You can search for your preferred experiences or a number of them. You can search for experiences around the destination you will be staying or let the app identify your location
    Refreshing your current location will re-load all the experiences in your location.
    The red marker identifies your location.

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  3. Once you've discovered some of our amazing locations, you can add them to a favourites list

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  4. Once you've tapped/clicked on a location on the map you will be able to view some basic information on the location here. To view more information or to view an image gallery, click or tap again on the map marker or on the 'More information' link in this panel.

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  5. Click or tap on the information icon to view your closest Visitor Information Centre

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  6. If you need to rerun this guided tour, click on the Help icon at any time.